The brand MAX & JAN is the creation of two designers, one Swiss and one Belgian.

Jan Pauwels worked for many years at the chic boutique Daphnis & Chloé in Courtrai in Belgium and Maximilien Scharl, who was born in Casablanca, used to be a tireless globetrotter.

The two designers’ paths crossed in Agadir and their taste for international design combined with a love for Morocco was the foundation for a new fashion and lifestyle brand.

The vision of MAX & JAN is to offer fashionable cruise wear with references to the high streets in Milan and Paris. The collections as well as the jewels and accessories all breathe ethnic chic and is handmade in Morocco in a semi-artisan way.

MAX & JAN have their own production in Marrakech with the strictest safety standards and the best working conditions. It is important for Max & Jan to invest in fair trade.

There are five Max & Jan boutiques in Morocco (Marrakech, Casablanca and Agadir), as well as three shops abroad (France, Belgium and Ibiza). In total there are fifty points of sale in the world (Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Europe and America).

Their mission is to work with young Moroccan designers in a movement of bringing Moroccan fashion to the whole world.